Why You Should Use A Lawyer When You Buy Or Sell Property

While the state of Washington does not require people to hire a lawyer to buy or sell property, a real estate attorney makes the process much easier. Buying and selling property involves a series of sometimes complex activities involving inspections, legal documents, and issues surrounding land use and titles. At Sound Legal Solutions, we work with buyers and sellers from the initial offer through closing. We also work with commercial property owners on preparing and negotiating the terms on retail, office and industrial buildings.

Buying And Selling Residential Property

If you are planning to buy or sell residential property in Washington, doing your due diligence before the closing date is critical to avoiding costly mistakes. Title searches, property descriptions and searches for liens against the property are not things the average person is able to do without the help of an experienced professional. Whether it’s paying for repairs or covenants in the title, our team can help make sure that all of the details are taken care of before closing.

Buying And Selling Commercial Property

Commercial real estate transactions tend to be complicated affairs, especially when they involve properties with tenants on active leases. Our team works with businesses across the state to draft comprehensive purchase and sale agreements that avoid complications and costly litigation down the road. When we complete our due diligence on the structure, the land and any tenants that may occupy the property, we make sure everything is in order and that you understand all aspects of the transaction.

Contact The Real Estate Transaction Legal Team At Sound Legal Solutions

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